Back to Basics

Then…back to business!


The 2012 ASOCHA Conference has left me feeling wonderfully refreshed, restored and reinvigorated.  The Trawool Resort is a vision splendid…a venue made to send you…into a field of possibilities!!


Given that silent gratitude is of little use to anyone, I want to take this opportunity to thank Sandra Tunley for convening a wonderful weekend of largesse…  feasting, learning, laughing, relaxing…it was a lot of bang for my buck and I feel extremely privileged and  grateful for the experience…proving that, “too much of a good thing can be wonderful!”


Thank you also to our illustrious President Mark Tolley for his Emceeing expertise and for being the Host with the Most…access to the bar! (perhaps not so grateful for that!) Also for his “sexpertise” during his presentation on Solution Oriented Sex Therapy… nothing risqué nothing gained it seems!


David’s presentation on couple/family therapy was very edifying and reaffirming…a succinct and elegant reminder of just how respectful and empowering this work can be when we remember  that less is more, and that the solution does indeed lie within our clients. You are indeed our’ Mini- Me  Milton’ David!  Thank you..


Dr Ingrid Sturmey,  did not disappoint. Her interactive presentation on working with couples was poignant and illuminating. Her exploration of issues around modern relationships was both provocative and mindful. The  group exercise was humorously self revealing! Bouquets for this excellent choice of Keynote Presenter.


Gaia’s blessings to Yogi Extraordinaire Roger Shelton…what a tonic! His gentle postures, loosening techniques and breathing exercises were welcomed and worthy. His inspired suggestions for utilization within the therapeutic setting were revelatory. I have done just that since returning with great effect. Namaste to you my friend. ‘The God in me greets the God in you
The Spirit in me meets the same Spirit in you.’


Our closing workshop; ‘Autism: it’s management for positive outcomes’,  showcased an array of thoughtful, innovative and generative books, toys and ideas to utilize when working with Autisistic/Asperger’s clients and their families. This presentation facilitated and equally worthy and enlightened conversation among participants, sharing and expanding on both personal and professional experience. Very enriching indeed. Again many thanks Sandra.


Following an  impassioned and in depth discussions re ASOCHA, I feel her pulse is strong and her future assured.  I am gladdened to know that the venue is guaranteed for next year and would highly recommend to those who were unable to attend, to ensure your place for 2013…

“Come on Steve, we’ve got diem to carpe.”
― Flint Lockwood, ‘ Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’

Helen Eastwood.