Back to Basics Yoga

Our “Back to Basics Yoga” session provided a gentle easing in to our Sunday morning program. We commenced with gentle loosening exercises, followed by some flowing yoga postures designed to relax and extend the body naturally. Breathing techniques were used to enhance this process and to integrate body, mind and emotions.


Breathing in I calm my mind and body

Breathing out I smile

Dwelling in the present moment

 I know this is the only moment


Invitations were offered to consider body sidedness and raise residual awareness and focus. Partner work provided a further opportunity to stretch and explore at a physical level.

The session concluded with deep relaxation and the suggestion of identifying a new personal commitment.

A comfortable mood permeated the rest of the day ….

“It’s good to quieten the mind”


“There was an air of competency in the room”


“ Can we do it again next year?”