Collaborative Family Law Training

Collaborative Professionals WA, Present Marilyn Scott, Collaborative Family Lawyer, of Sydney to conduct the Collaborative Family Law Training

Collaborative family law offers a fresh approach to resolving the issues that arise out of a relationship breakdown. In the collaborative process, the parties and their lawyers agree to work together to find an agreed solution to whatever financial or child-related issues and concerns they each wish to address, without involving the court.

A collaborative approach allows for a greater degree of co-operation between a range of professionals involved in helping families. Participants involved in a collaborative process can have access to the skills of child specialists, counsellors, accountants and financial advisors who can bring their expertise to the process when appropriate. This approach allows people to make the best use of the time and skills of their lawyers who are then able to concentrate on assisting with the negotiations towards reaching settlement.
Collaborative family law has been practised in the USA and Canada since the early 1990s and more recently in Europe and Australia. It is now a recognised successful alternative dispute resolution pathway.
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Who should attend? Qualified professionals who are interested in Collaborative Law, including counsellors, psychologists, social workers, accountants, financial planners and lawyers. (CPD points will be sought – Legal values and Legal skills practice.)
Marilyn Scott is a collaborative lawyer, arbitrator, practicing mediator and negotiation strategist. She graduated as one of the first UTS Master of Laws students majoring in Dispute Resolution. She later joined the Faculty in 1995 as Director of the Centre for Dispute Resolution. In this position she pioneered the Faculty’s distinctive dispute resolution program. Marilyn has been a Visiting Scholar at the Strauss Institute, Pepperdine University, California and has been trained in Mediation and Negotiation at Harvard Law School, Boston to Advanced level.

Courses / Dates:
A. 21st & 22nd Sept: Foundation training for all professionals new to Collaborative Law. This course will satisfy the training aspect of eligibility for CPWA membership.
B. 22nd Sept: Refresher day for previously trained CL professionals.
C. 23rd Sept: Interdisciplinary training. Professionals from different fields combine their skills in the collaborative process.
Venue: To be advised
A. Days 1 & 2: $900
B. Day 2: $450
C. Day 3: $450
Enquiries: Lara Anstie ph: 9228 0811,