PACFA October update

News on the NDIS Pilot

PACFA recently received some exciting news about PACFA’s NDIS pilot project taking place in the Barwon region in Victoria. One of the Registrants in Barwon, who applied to DisabilityCare Australia (DCA) to be a provider for the NDIS, has now been approved as a provider. Congratulations to the successful Registrant and thank you to all the Barwon Registrants for taking part in the pilot. Other Registrants in Barwon are still in the process of putting in their applications or are waiting for an answer on their applications.

While acceptance as a Provider for the NDIS is not guarantee of referrals, it is an important achievement as we have now ‘tested the water” and have confirmed that there is no barrier to counsellors and psychotherapists participating in the NDIS. A lot of hard work is still to come, building awareness of support counsellors and psychotherapists can provide to NDIS clients, and creating referral links. IN the next few months, PACFA plans to start networking in Barwon to create referral opportunities.

New Intern Category on the PACFA Register

At the PACFA Annual General Meeting in October, PACFA Council agreed to introduce a new category on the PACFA Register for Interns. This important new development will enable graduates of counselling and psychotherapy programs that meet PACFA’s standards to list on the PACFA Register while they are working towards completing the 200 clients hours linked to 50 hours, required for provisional registration.

The Intern Registration Application Form is now available at the PACFA Website, together with the Intern Registration Guidelines. There is a non-refundable application fee of $44. Intern registration lasts for two years and if the intern has not upgraded to the next registration level within the 2 years, a new application can be made for a further two year intern registration period.

Prospective applicants for Intern Registration will need to belong to a PACFA member association. Most member associations already have intern membership (or something equivalent) which will make it possible for prospective interns to apply immediately. For member associations that do not yet have an intern memberships (or equivalent), PACFA can provide advice on establishing the new membership level. Contact the PACFA CEO for assistance,

PACFA Workforce Survey

PACFA has completed a research study of the counselling and psychotherapy workforce in partnership with La Trobe University. This involved undertaking a Workforce Survey in order to better understand the workforce and to gather information about practitioners and the counselling and psychotherapy profession in general. A key aim of the study was to provide PACFA with vital information needed to support our advocacy work and our overall credibility, and to provide us with a valuable base of information to begin to document the credentials, legitimacy and practice characteristics of our profession, as well as identifying the needs and views of members to help guide our planning for the future.

Some members of PACFA Member Associations participated in the Workforce Survey and the final project report was published in 2012. Thank you to those who completed the survey.

The project report is available at the PACFA website.


Schofield, M.J., & Roedel, G. (2012). Australian psychotherapists and counsellors: A study of therapists, therapeutic work, and professional development. Melbourne: La Trobe University.

Call for Abstracts – 2014 Conference

Readers are reminded that the Call for Abstracts is out for the 2014 PACFA Conference which is being jointly hosted by PACFA and two of our member associations, the Australian Association of Relationship Counsellors (AARC) and the Counsellors and Psychotherapists Association of NSW (CAPA NSW). The theme of the conference is Complexity & Connectedness in Life & Love: Working with trauma, mental health and Identity.

Pre-conference workshops: Friday 13 June 2014
Conference: Saturday 14 to Sunday 15 June, 2014
Place: Aerial Function Centre, University of Technology, Ultimo, Sydney
Abstracts: Due Monday, 2 December 2013

Counsellors and Psychotherapists interested in presenting at the conference  should submit an Abstract in accordance with the requirements set out in the Call for Abstracts.  Download the Call for Abstracts.