PACFA March Update

New PACFA Ethics courses

Bookings are now being taken for PACFA’s new course, Practical Ethics for Counsellors and Psychotherapists, developed in partnership with the Cairnmillar Institute. 

The first online course commences on 14 March and face-to-face workshop are taking place in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane on 29 March. The course counts for 12 points (6 hours) of continuing professional development.

The key themes covered in the course are:
      •    Foundations of Ethical Practice – morals, values and ethics
      •    Stages of Ethical Decision Making – including common ethical traps
      •    Record Keeping – including record keeping for social media connections
      •    Dual Relationships – including boundary-crossing and self-reflection
      •    Confidentiality – including circumstances when it is OK to break confidentiality
      •    Cultural Sensitivity – strategies for responding to multicultural practice issues
For details and bookings, go to the PACFA website.

Joint PACFA/AARC/CAPA NSW Conference
The Joint PACFA, AARC (Australian Association of Relationship Counsellors) and CAPA NSW (Counsellors and Psychotherapists Association of NSW) Conference website is now live and registrations are open. The conference will be held in Sydney from 13 to 15 June 2014. 

The Conference theme, Complexity & Connectedness in Life & Love, will explore how counsellors and psychotherapists support clients with the complex challenges of life and relationships in the 21st century, where identity and wellbeing are shaped by the prevalence of trauma and mental health issues, and the therapeutic encounter is an opportunity for greater connectedness in the face of the growing isolation in our world. 

For more details, and to register, go to the conference website

New PACFA CPD Policy launched
PACFA has developed a new Continuing Professional Development Policy which has now been disseminated to PACFA Registrants. The new CPD requirements commence from 1 July 2014. 

The new policy was developed in consultation with the PACFA Council and represents a significant new development as a wider range of CPD will be recognised by PACFA. The CPD Policy can be downloaded at the PACFA website.

 Annual CPD requirement – 40 points
There are 3 categories from which the annual 40 CPD points may be accrued. Category 1: MANDATORY 
One hour of CPD = 2 points. Minimum annual requirement – 30 points

Category 2: OPTIONAL 
One hour of CPD = 1 point. Maximum annual allowance – 10 points

Category 3: OPTIONAL
One hour of CPD = 1 point. Maximum annual allowance – 5 points

The annual requirement of 40 CPD points may all be accrued from category A.

 For full details, see the PACFA CPD policy.