ASOCHA had been established in the year 2000 to provide a national and professional organizational structure to support and advance the practice of Solution Oriented counselling and hypnotherapy throughout Australia.

The foundations of the Association have evolved from the growing body of Diploma graduates from Ampersand Australia, and a commitment to foster a unique learning community devoted to supporting the ongoing practice of its members and expanding their skills.

The broad aim of ASOCHA is to provide a respectful, stimulating and creative forum for Solution Oriented counsellors and hypnotherapists, in which professional identity, support, public accountability and excellence in the practice and education of therapeutic endeavour is fostered. ASOCHA further aims to highlight, expand upon and share the diverse application of the principles of Solution Oriented therapy among its members, and provide for the professional interests of practitioners in both the broader community and between therapists of other persuasions. To this end, ASOCHA has become a constituent organization of PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia), a national federation for counselling and psychotherapy organizations.


  • provides a creative environment where Solution Oriented therapists can continue to learn from and with each other.
  • formulates, reviews and incorporates standards of training and experience in Solution Oriented therapy.
  • promotes ethical practice for Solution Oriented practitioners.
  •  participates in the liaising with and advising of relevant professional and government bodies involved in the accreditation of counsellors and hypnotherapists.
  • provides a means for members to have access to the services and standards for professional recognition provided by PACFA.

A brief history of the formation of a national professional organization

The Association of Solution Oriented Counsellors and Hypnotherapists of Australia (ASOCHA) has emerged from a strong tradition of Solution Oriented training in Australia, steeped in an Ericksonian tradition, provided by Ampersand Australia and the Centre of Effective Therapy (CET), since the late 1980’s.

A growing number of graduates from these training institutions began to express and demonstrate their need to become part of a nationally recognized and accredited structure, as well as to maintain an ongoing sense of community and professional support among themselves.

In mid 2000, ASOCHA became an incorporated body, and successfully applied to become a member organization of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia.

The ASOCHA Constitution provides that membership of ASOCHA is open to any person who has completed Solution Oriented training and supervision that meets the minimum standards for PACFA (the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia) membership. Associate Membership is available to those who are still in the process of meeting Full Membership requirements (refer Membership Section, ASOCHA Constitution).

Through the establishment of ASOCHA, it was anticipated that such a body would broaden the opportunities for students and graduates of Solution Oriented Therapy, and provide for a group of professionals who could participate in the benefits that such a community offers from a stronger, more networked, more diverse and more recognized base. The formation of ASOCHA has made it possible for members anywhere in Australia to contribute and participate in professional activities with a broader range of “like minded” professionals, as well as with those from a wide diversity of professional views (PACFA).

ASOCHA provides its members with a voice in the evolvement of common professional interests, and its constituent relationship with PACFA allows for a voice in the advancement and developing standards of the counselling profession in general. So those members of ASOCHA who wish to get more involved on a political level have a range of opportunities to represent the interests of Solution Oriented professionals, both locally and nationally. Other members may choose to continue to focus their participation on a local level, through for example the Bendigo Professional Counselling Group, supervision evenings (in Bendigo and Ballarat via Ampersand Australia), local meetings and training sessions, Annual Conferences (each year at Melbourne University), mini more localized conferences, end of year celebrations (e.g. Graduation ceremonies) and other local events.

The principals of Ampersand Australia and CET believe that when ASOCHA was established in 2000, it was and continues to be a timely development that established Solution Oriented therapists well in a rapidly changing and evolving professional arena. The field of counselling continues to undergo greater and more rapid expansion and change than its history has ever seen.