Welcome to ASOCHA, the Association of Solution Oriented Counsellors & Hypnotherapists of Australia.

ASOCHA has been established to provide a national and professional organisational structure to support and advance the practice of Solution Oriented counselling and hypnotherapy throughout Australia. We aim to provide a respectful, stimulating and creative forum for Solution Oriented counsellors and hypnotherapists, in which professional identity, professional support, public accountability and excellence in the practice and education of therapeutic endeavour is fostered.

Patron: Bill O’Hanlon is our Patron Member and can be found at brieftherapy.com Bill is a psychotherapist of international prominence who was a developer of Solution Oriented Therapy and a founder of Possibility and Inclusive Therapies.

National Accreditation:  ASOCHA is a constituent member of PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia) pacfa.org.au ASOCHA‘s membership is trained and ethically bound to the standards required by PACFA.

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